Bagging Machines

PMM 1000

- Hopper for product receiving with connection collector to the machine of 0,75 m3
- Fitting hopper of 65 dm3 connected to the vibrating dosing system.
- Vibrating system with loading cells, programmable with PLC, bag lifted from pneumatic cyclinder that after the filling is released.

Model: PMM 1000
Capacity: 15 kg
2 sacchi/min
Pre charge volume: dm3 30
Voltage: 220 V 50 Hz
Air pressure:  bar 6-8
Air supply: l/min 150

PMM 1500

- Structure that old the weighing vessel with sheet bent, welded together and inspections hatchers removable. All is painted.
- Outlet for dust suction.
- Discharge hopper and fitting between weighing and bagging machine complete with base plate and reinforcements, built in bent painted sheet and countered to facilitate the scrolling of the product.
- net weight scale realized in bent sheet, painted in polyurethan paint with high resistance.
- Electronic scale synchronized with PLC.
- Motorized paster.
- Sensor for detection of the film.
- Compensation device of the film.
- Centring of the film on the forming tube motorized.
- Locking system of the reel through an hollow shaft and two tightening cones.
- Conveyor belt with flat chain complete with gearbox and three phase motor for output of the bag.

Model:   PMM 1000
Dimensions: cm
470x150x700 (650)
Total power of the motors: Kw 4,5
Power of the heater:  Kw 1,3
Voltage:   3x380 50Hz
Air pressure min: bar 6-8
Capacity: bags/min. 4-8 (15 kg bag)

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