MILLER MAC srls born in 2002, from the previous and long experience of its founders, is today a proven company specialized in the production of machinery and equipment "turnkey" for industrial grinding in various market. WOOD, workhorse of our company annually brings great satisfaction in terms of novelty to be included in our production as the growing demand for new facilities such as gasification and pellet plants, brings MILLER MAC srls to be the benchmark for many companies in italy and abroad.

The range is broad and comprehensive, from grinders which reduce the various types of waste such as wood, plastic, electrical cables, paper and paperboard and other materials in particle sizes defined by interchangeable screens of various sizes; refiners, suitable for the reduction of previously waste ground, in a calibrated product from 2 to 15 mm; horizontal chippers, high-speed rotor machines for grinding of wastes of lenghts which can exceed even 6 meters as logs of wood, reduce the material in a more or less large size according to the requirements.

Within a couple of years we have also implemented the grinding sector with hammer crushers, capable of reducing various types of waste such as wood, plastic, building bricks, aluminum cans, electronic cards, hard disk and other materials, in different size depending on the screen.

Also in 2014, thanks to the collaboration with a technician with over 20 years' experience in the design and construction of pellet presses, Miller ltd. began the production of MACHINES AND COMPLETE PLANTS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF PELLET; also here the range is wide, from the smallest CUS-20/single-block (100-220 kg/h) to the biggest CUS-100 (1,6-2 ton/h).


At customer's request, we can supply the single machine or the whole plant; all our systems are customized according to the raw material, wood type, moisture, size and the hourly production; for this our technicians are ready to advise and offer you the best solution to fit your requirements Last but not least, our bagging machines for pellet, semi-automatic and automatic.

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